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Services & Pricing:

*Meet & Greet: So that everyone becomes acquainted, go over scheduling, and complete necessary paperwork. FREE!

*Quick Potty Breaks: When your dog just needs a quick 10-15 minute potty break. Prices start at $12

*Dog Walks: Typically a 25-30 minute walk for your dog to go potty & stretch their legs. Prices start at $15

*Pet Sitting Visits: If you're going out of town & would like your animals checked on a few times a day. (Required minimum of 2 visits for dogs per day.) Prices start at $15 for dogs & $12 for cats.

  *There are NO cancellation fees!

*One (1) key is required for entry into your home.

*First walk upon signing up is FREE!

*Get a FREE WALK EACH MONTHwhen you sign up for regular service & pay monthly!

*Prices for services will vary depending on location, number of pets, needed services, etc. Please contact for more info.

*Discounted rates are available for extended scheduling. Please ask for special rates & pricing.

*If I will be on vacation, out of town, or if there are any days I am unable to provide service, you will be given at least a weeks notice.

Please Note:

  *Referrals from clients are greatly appreciated. For each referral who becomes a client, you can have any 1 service for FREE!

  *Please call, text or e-mail to schedule or to provide changes to existing scheduling. I do my best to respond within an hour!

If you have any questions or inquiries about my services & pricing, please feel free to contact me!